1. Go to http://atozconnect.com/cls/login.php
  2. Click on Signup Now at the bottom of the main login page
  3. The system will go through a few questions to see if this New User is already in the system
  4. Enter 19083 in the Enter Organization ZIP Code.
  5. Select Haverford Middle School from the Select Organization drop down menu.
  6. Enter email address and/or phone number
  7. If not in system, complete the Join Request form
    1. Address (tab 1)
    2. Parent(s) Name and Email (tab 2)
    3. Student(s) Name and Grade (tab 3)
  8. The PTO Admin will be notified of the join request 

**If student(s) name & grade are not listed, request will be declined**

Once approved,notification will be sent via email with details on how to log in



  1. Create a password after clicking the link in the email
  2. Verify information
  3. Pay membership dues
  4. Confirm and Save
  5. Access the directory
  6. Check out the Calendar by clicking on the Menu Icon in upper left corner
  7. Click on Event Sign Up tab to volunteer by clicking on the Menu Icon in upper left corner